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I conquered LA, agency life and lime green

I spent 2 months designing various experiences that allowed users to do everything from choose a 4-wheeler to fighting postpartum depression

My role: Experience Strategy, UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping

My Internship Experience

Fresh out of my first year of graduate school, I was fortunate enough to land a UX internship at Wongdoody's LA office! While I was out there, I was able to use what I learned about experience design in a real agency setting. I'm so proud that I was able to make an impact!


Since UX was incredibly new to Wongdoody, I was able to flex my design muscles in several ways. As an artist, I was able to help the design team and make mockups for pitches in addition to my user experience duties. I also proved to be an asset to the production and strategy teams. 


Wongdoody had several big clients during my time there, including Adidas and Honda! Unfortunately due to a confidentiality agreement I can't show much from those clients, but I can say that I provided user journeys and mockups to help give an idea of what would be produced and why.

The agency also supported a few in-house initiatives for pro-bono work that I really grew fond of. Each year they choose vast problems and try to solve them to make the world a better place. In 2019, their chosen problems were childbirth mortality rate of Black women and breaking the glass ceiling. I mostly helped the mortality rate team in the early stages. We created BMAD (Black Mothers Are Dying): a social media campaign where women pledged to dye a strand of their hair red to open the conversation about this often hidden topic and challenge their friends to do the same. Furthermore, we designed and strategized the packaging of hair dye packages and a kickoff hair show event!


The project I had the biggest hand in was an in-house redesign. In another effort to support mothers, Wongdoody made The Motherboard which served as a platform for moms to discuss concerns and feel empowered. Upon my arrival, The Motherboard was in desperate need of a refresh. Their iconography and banners featured flat doodles of women in their iconic bright colors. I charged the campaign to change their designs and give the site more consistency.

Moving on up...

I've been using what I learned at Wongdoody to be a better designer in my career! If you'd like to see how I've grown please go to one of my other projects below.

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