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I come from a family of people pleasers... 

So I try to make everyone around me happy. I was an Experience Designer before I ever knew what that meant. As a little sister and young aunt I've always done my best to create unique adventures. From pillow forts to crayon portraits, I have always loved to surprise and delight. 

When I work, I dive into the visual design and user experience. My artistic background allows me to push the experiences I create and make them not only fully immersive, but visually stimulating as well. Knowing that the design choices and accessibility can impact the audience inspires me to create the best product possible. Falling in love with user research allowed me to work on strategy as well.


In my down time, I thoroughly enjoy exploring theme parks, music festivals and brunch! You can always find me at a restaurant with friends or binging a cartoon. One day I hope to travel to every HBCU's homecoming...I think I deserve that experience.

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If you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to shoot me an email at! Check out my resume or social media if you'd like to see more of me.

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