What's in the Danielle Starter Pack?

On any given day, you won't find me without...

Headphones, playlists and backup headphones

My iPad and Apple Pencil

A new hairstyle

Something pink (shoes, bag, etc)

Snacks in my bag

My next travel plans

Sketchbooks and notes to myself written in cursive

My mom started telling me to be a lawyer when I was about 5 years old...

As the youngest and the only girl, I had to become a master of debate. A lifetime of being a little sister has given me a sense of humor, an inherited protective spirit and a healthy amount of sarcasm. I don't doubt that I would've been a great lawyer, but even at that young age my talents flourished elsewhere.

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. When all of my cousins were playing video games or riding dirt bikes, I was perfectly fine sitting at grandma's kitchen table with my box of crayons. I progressed steadily from coloring books to art school. From performance art to metal working, and metal working to graphic design, I was determined to try anything that sparked my interest. In the meantime, I did everything undergrad had to offer outside of class. I joined the first historical Black sorority, mentored an array of students and went to Qatar to give diversity training. Near the end of my undergraduate degree, I considered what I loved to do. That list came down to design and helping people, so I continued my education at Virginia Commonwealth University on the Experience Design track! Through this program I got the opportunity to learn how to enhance user experiences through multiple types of design.

Explaining the ground rules of my diversity training in

Doha, Qatar.

Service in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. isn't just encouraged, it's mandatory.

Guiding and mentoring students during orientation and camp was my greatest pleasure.