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Nike Black Community Commitment

Addressing economic empowerment, education and social justice

Lead Designer – 2D design for print materials and merchandise

Uplifting the Culture

Community is the center of everything, no matter what culture you identify with. Your community is your first family, it's where you start speaking the language of your culture and start learning your customs. As a member of the Black community, I can say my community taught me our customs and unique language. Nike's Black Community Commitment seeks to address systematic racism and racial inequality by partnering with existing organizations that are prominent in their respective areas.

Welcome to the Family

Who doesn't love a little surprise and delight moment? To welcome Los Angeles organization leaders into the Black Community Commitment network, Nike wanted to send them exclusive seeding kits! As the lead designer for this project, I created not only the BCC bag, but also the merchandise inside. It was such a joy to curate the welcome experience for these new members.

The Merchandise

Black Community Commitment merchandise was simple enough design-wise, Nike only needed their BCC logo on several items. My biggest takeaway was learning how to prep design files for production! The process became almost methodical, but I loved collaborating with the producers. 

The Print Assets

Designing 2D files for Nike was an experience that changed me as a creator! The Nike aesthetic is so clean yet powerful, it made me think of the saying "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." I actually had very little design direction, just a logo, a font and 3 colors (black, beige and orange), so the world was my oyster. I'm so proud of the work I produced, it was the first time I'd ever leaned into the simple side of design. P.S. - The posters are my favorite!

"Certificate" Posters

Item Card

Post Cards

Meet and Greet Invitation


Not only were the organization leaders pleased, but Nike loved the print assets so much that they based their first-ever Black Community Commitment Brand Guide on my designs! It's gratifying to do what was considered a small project so well that it left a lasting impact on a huge company. Nike BCC was my first client, so this organization will always have a special place in my heart!

The Team

Liana Eckert, Design Oversight
Stacy Chung, Account Lead
Bria Richardson, Account Oversight
Dre Bookman, Production Lead

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