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House of Renewal's Integration Matrix

After polling my audience and establishing my Delivery Systems, it was time to form House of Renewal's Quality Standards. I decided that a salon must always focus on empowerment, hygiene, community and relaxation. Most women I surveyed loved the social and self-care aspects of salons, but I also kept in mind the practicality of having a clean and trustworthy salon. 

From there, I plugged in all of my standards into Disney's Integration Matrix. With this matrix, I could clearly see how the guest experience would be enhanced by my Quality Standards. Once this was finished, I just had to execute and strategize the decisions made inside the matrix.

Delivery Systems

Quality Standards

Guestology Research

It takes a lot to be a Guestologist. Luckily, I've created an infographic of the steps I used to follow Disney's philosophy. Click here to view my infographic!

All of my findings for Disney's Guestology practices and leadership strategies came from these two books: Be Our Guest and Creating Magic. Both books are products of the Disney Institute, which helps existing companies find their strengths and purpose to give their customers more robust experiences. From hospitals to universities, Disney Institute has enhanced the Quality Standards and added surprise and delight to stale places. So I asked myself, can I bring magic to a mundane experience like a hair salon?

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