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Table of Goodies

Disney Springs Holiday Soirée

Welcome to the party...the holiday party!

You're invited to the holliest, jolliest holiday party around! Friends and family alike will gather to enjoy a smorgasbord of indulgent Disney treats. Help yourself to a Santa Tummy petit cake or a wreath pastry from Amorette's. Feel free to dance the night away, but remember, we'll open presents promptly at 8pm. I hear someone is getting the new Peppermint Loungefly bad as their present! And watch out for those pesky children, they've been known to take a cookie or two after their bedtime!

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Stop Motion – Social Teasers

Disney Springs Holiday Stop Motion

Disney Springs Holiday Stop Motion

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The Team

LaTanya Beauregard, Creative Director
Tony Grable, Group Art Director
Caleb Fils-Aime, Copywriter
Kiera Dixon, Art Direction Intern
Dustin Geisler, Producer
Scott Jones, Videographer
Charlene Maria, Photographer

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